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Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida is your destination for a world-class, blissful spa experience. We provide our spa clients with endless opportunities to look and feel beautiful by treating the entire body to soothing indulgences. Red Bamboo Medi Spa’s treatments in our tranquil sanctuary will delight and refresh your senses.

At Red Bamboo Medi Spa, aesthetics are our focus, tailoring treatments to fit your individual needs and goals. The first step is a comprehensive consultation. Red Bamboo Medi Spa’s team addresses your concerns and designs a customized treatment plan that utilizes our latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures, accentuating and enhancing your natural beauty. We clear and soften your skin, remove unwanted hair, focus attention on your eyes, and create a youthful smile and luscious lips. We also offer medical cosmetic solutions such as anti-wrinkle fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments.

Red Bamboo Medi Spa’s PRP treatment was recently featured on WFTS Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News.

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Read Patient Reviews For RedBamboo Medi-Spa
  • They have me for life!
    Dolmas who does the laser hair removal is amazing! Her schedule is very easy to work with and she has a great personality! I have had facials from here and a few massages. I always leave feeling refreshed. It is so calm and relaxing at the spa! I love coming here! They have me for life!
  • Love this place! I love coming here
    Love coming here. It's a unique place set in a shopping plaza. Their relaxing lounge is very welcoming. The only esthetician I see is Robin. She's top notch and wants you to have a great experience every time you are there. Red Bamboo has a phenomenal selection of treatments and VIP pricing. I highly recommend it and have had a few friends and family go here.
  • Highly Recommended
    I was a patient of another clinic just down the street. I won't mention any names but I was not impressed with the doctor at all! Recently my friend who works with Botox Cosmetic in NY told me about Red Bamboo in Clearwater and how they are the best down here. She was right! I am so impressed with Dr. Toscano he reminds me of my father who was caring and sincere. So far all my treatments have been very successful and I am so happy that Red Bamboo was recommended to me.
  • Thank you
    I love Raye Toscano co-owner and wife of Dr. Toscano. Raye has helped guide me for years to overcome my skin and face issues that have disappeared over the years. I think I have had every treatment they do! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for the care and expertise of the staff~the very best anywhere!
  • PRP treatment
    My face thanks you Red Bamboo. I have had PRP face treatment and WoW! The results are amazing! I have baby face skin again! I didn't tell any of my family & friends but most have noticed something different about me, a young healthier glow. They think I'm happier because I am.
  • Best in Tampa
    Red Bamboo is by far the best med spa in Tampa Bay! Others try so hard to imitate but they don't have Dr. T! My hair is much thicker and healthier because of Dr. T's PRP hair regeneration treatments. The balding crown - gone! Thanks Dr. T! My confidence in you has changed my life!
  • Loyal Patient
    I have been a loyal Red Bamboo patient for 7 years and going. I have recommended so many of my friends to visit with Dr. Toscano and they all rave about how great of a doctor he is too. There are several other places around here that just can't compete with Red Bamboo. They have impressed me so much with their results. My husband finally went to see Dr. Toscano and now he is a believer too and looks so healthy and handsome.

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