Dr. Michael P. Heim, D.O.
Tampa, FL

Dr. Heim opened the Heim Regenerative Medicine Center in September 2009, with the vision of creating an alternative to the typical primary care office found in western medicine, of hour-long waiting times and 10 minute visits. His goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to your medical care.

In the summer of 2010, Dr. Heim entered a fellowship program through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This cutting edge training program is changing the way we practice medicine using the best evidence-based treatment programs from around the world.

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About Dr. Michael P. Heim, D.O.
  • Gender Male
  • Hospital Affiliations Heim Regenerative Medicine Center
  • Certifications Board certification in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation, Board Certified Bariatric Physicians
  • Family Medicine
  • Osteopathic Manipulation

Read Patient Reviews For Dr. Michael P. Heim, D.O.
  • Best doc
    I love to run and Dr. Heim has been helping me excel with IV nutrition therapies. Amazin results, thank you.
  • Recommended
    Dr. Heim and his staff were professional and were very concerned with every detail. Highly recommend him and his services
  • IV therapy
    I am a marathon runner and regularly visit Dr Heim for IV therapy and nutrition. I have noticed a dramatic impact in my endurance as a result when running long distances. The staff are always very friendly and I feel welcome whenever I go in.
  • Unique treatments that work!!
    I would definitely recommend Dr. Heim to anyone seeking treatments to help release and relieve muscle tension and severe headaches. He offers a unique type of treatment that was new to me and actually works. His knowledge, skills, manners and staff are exceptional. Highly recommended!
  • Dr Heim helped me with joint rejuvenation...
    I am an old hockey professional having a tough time with my joints at my age. Dr. Heim performed non-surgical joint rejuvenation on me with tremendous results. Immediately I started to heal and it's been 16 months and from the beginning all joint pain and swelling is zero. Dr. Heim's techniques are state of the art and his knowledge has saved me much pain, money and time. I'm glad that I don't need another surgery!
  • Unique Approach That Works
    You will be amazed at how knowledgeable Dr. Heim is in regards to health and wellness. He has helped relieve my chronic migraines through osteopathic manipulation. In addition, he has taught me about proper nutrition and vitamin supplements to benefit my overall health. I highly recommend Dr. Heim for a unique approach to medicine.
  • Health Advice Changed Life
    The insight Dr. Heim gave me via my initial blood work was instrumental in helping me get to the point of committing to a healthier lifestyle. The diet he put me on has been life changing. However, his coaching and support greatly assisted me in staying the course and changing my lifestyle. My weight is now in the normal range and I look and feel better and younger than I have in a long time. I appreciate Doc's approach and I am grateful that I found him. His entire staff is friendly and helpful.
  • Dr. Heim is awesome!
    Dr. Heim has helped me significantly with my healthy weight loss. Dr. Heim practices what he preaches as he himself is in great shape. I am very happy with my results from Dr. Heim's PRP Facelift. My wife has been going to Dr. Heim for several years and she has always raved about how good of a doctor he is.
  • Just visited
    I just had an appointment with Dr Heim for IV therapy and everything went well. I feel so much better. I'll be back again soon

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