Dr. S. Todd Robinson M.D.
Lakeland, FL

Dr. S. Todd Robinson M.D. is a family medical practitioner, with additional specialty training and expertise in dealing with patients of all ages. Family medical practitioners may provide care for an entire community, including both preventive care (routine checkups) and diagnosis and treatment of acute chronic illness. Family medical practitioners coordinate care with other subspecialists when needed.


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About Dr. S. Todd Robinson M.D.
  • Gender Male
  • Hospital Affiliations Harbin Clinic
  • Certifications American Board of Family Practice
  • Family Medicine

Read Patient Reviews For Dr. S. Todd Robinson M.D.
  • Nothing but positivity
    One can not say enough good things about this incredible family. Everyone here is so wonderful. HG will be greatly missed. He was our doctor and we loved him very much. Thank you for the incredible bed side manner, care, sincerity and love that has been given over the past 8 years of us living here. We will look forward to getting to know Todd but will always miss his dad.
  • A different type of experience
    When you walk in the door you immediately notice a difference from other physician offices. I have never had to wait long. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Dr. Todd Robinson listens and takes his time with you. At previous doctor offices you have precious few moments to state your case before the revolving door turns again! Thanks for keeping it real Robinson Clinic.
  • Excellent care
    Dr. Robinson is excellent. Our daughter was EXTREMELY fussy for months and we went to many different pediatricians to try to find out what was going on. Dr. Robinson took the time to really listen to exactly what was going on with her and he gave us the remedy that finally ended her fussiness. And it was all natural too!!!
  • Takes the time to listen to you
    Dr. Todd Robinson is the first Doctor that I think has ever taken the time to listen to me and my needs.

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