Researchers Gain Ground in Tissue Engineered Anal Sphincters

A team of researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine has gained considerable ground in a quest to engineer digestive system tissue. The ability to create replacement digestive tissue offers exciting possibilities in the treatment of a number of gastrointestinal conditions, ranging from inflammatory bowel disease and fecal incontinence to short gut syndrome [Read More]

Stem Cell Con Man Exposed

Regenerative medicine researcher and thoracic surgeon, Swiss-born Paolo Macchiarini, once hailed as a miracle worker, medical pioneer, and star surgeon, has been exposed as a con man. Sporting a handsome face and easy charm, for a while, the celebrity scientist had nearly everyone fooled. The Rise and Fall of Paolo Macchiarini

What Can $294 Million Do For Regenerative Medicine?

Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen has become known as the $294 million man. As an inventor and entrepreneur, Kamen’s passion for technology has helped his company, DEKA Research & Development, create many groundbreaking products over the years, such as the first portable insulin delivery system, an electronic wheelchair that can take the stairs, and a robotic prosthetic arm. [Read More]

This Startup Is Galvanizing Regenerative Medicine Applications

On January 19, 2017, Stem Pharm Inc. received a $290,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health. This funding will allow the University of Wisconsin-Madison startup company to pursue groundbreaking achievements, such as the development of sophisticated biological materials, that make it possible to manufacture stem cells for medical use. Stem Pharm’s founder, William Murphy, [Read More]

Stem Cells Could Help Restore Testosterone

Testosterone is often considered the hormone that defines masculinity, and men who lack enough testosterone encounter unwanted health problems such as muscle loss, sexual dysfunction, and fatigue. This condition is formally known as male hypogonadism, and until now the only treatments available have involved hormone replacement therapy with questionable side effects. With a third of [Read More]

A Surprising Merger between a Gaming Company and Regenerative Medicine Business

Mergers between existing medical companies aren’t uncommon, but a December merger between the game company Majesco Entertainment, Inc. and Salt Lake City’s regenerative medicine business Polarity is making major headlines. Together, the firm will be known as PolarityTE and headquartered in Salt Lake City, led by two former Johns Hopkins School of Medicine residents in [Read More]

REGROW Act: An Eye on the Future

Mark Kirk Senator

The emerging medical field of regenerative medicine poses exciting possibilities. Adult stem cells can potentially restore sight to the blind, help people overcome crippling conditions, and permit someone who is wheelchair-bound to walk again. These groundbreaking therapies are based on the fundamentals of molecular biology and have the potential to cure any disease resulting from [Read More]

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