Positive Results for Allogeneic Stem Cell Treatment for Ischemic Stroke

Stemedica Cell Technologies are reporting that using ischemic tolerant mesenchymal stem cells (itMSCs) to treat ischemic stroke is safe, well-tolerated, and shows preliminary signs of efficacy in an open-label Phase I/IIa trial. This treatment, which is also being developed for treating Alzheimer’s disease, could begin Phase IIb trials in the near future (1). Ischemic Stroke [Read More]

Regulated Stem Cell Study for Stroke in Britain

Leonarda McCourt, a 77-year-old great grandfather from Newcastle in the United Kingdom participated in the world’s first regulated stem cell study for patients who have suffered a stroke. One of only 21 patients enrolled in the trial, McCourt received a direct injection of stem cells into his brain in 2016. This is a pioneering treatment [Read More]

Stroke Survivors Say Goodbye to Wheelchairs

stroke wheelchair PRP stem cell

Close to 800,000 Americans are struck by a stroke each year. Depending on the severity and how much of the brain is affected, the damage can be temporary or permanent. Following stroke, rehabilitation can help healthy brain cells take over the function of cells that were damaged due to the lack of blood supply. However, [Read More]

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