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The mission of Irvine Stem Cell Center is to provide life-enhancing results using the safest and most effective treatment methods. Our services are established to improve the well-being, aesthetic beauty, and general health of clients. We work with recently introduced technology and incorporate the latest advances in treatment techniques.Regenerative Stem Cell therapy was introduced to improve the condition and well-being of patients. This includes promoting natural body healing and regeneration.  This new approach can transform the way you will look and feel, improving your health and confidence.

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  • For-profit or non-profit? For Profit
  • Size 10-50
  • Cost $$$
  • Average length of stay 4 hours
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    Had treatment for MS. Got some strength back in my legs, and feeling back in my arms that had been gone for over 20 years. The biggest help is my optic migraines have gone from 40+ a month to just 11 in 12 months. My brain fog is much better and can make decisions much quicker now. Plus I have desire to get out and get things done rather than forcing mysf

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