Dr. Hamid A. Towhidian
Laguna Beach Ca

Dr. Hamid A. Towhidian founded Irvine Stem Cell Center and has specialized in the use of advanced technology.  He incorporates his advanced education and specialized knowledge by adopting innovations and medical techniques introduced around the world. He has practiced fat stem cell therapy for years in natural breast and buttocks augmentation.Irvine Stem Cell Center provides services for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Regenerative stem cell therapy assists the body in repairing, replacing, restoring, and regenerating infected or damaged cells, tissues, or organs. It elevates the natural healing system of the body, resulting in an improved quality of life with extended life spans.

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About Dr. Hamid A. Towhidian
  • Gender Male
  • Hospital Affiliations Irvine Stem Cell Center
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  • Stem Cell therapy

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  • Highly Recommended!!!!
    I am a new patient and I came I for my first consultation a few days ago. Upon arrival I was immediately impressed with the customer service I received. I did not wait long to be seen by Dr. T. Although I was nervous to get Botox, Dr.T assured me his skill and expertise. The procedure was quick and painless! Since then I have received numerous compliments daily about how young and refreshed I look! Dr.T did an AMAZING job making my face look natural and beautiful!! It's amazing how a subtle change made a big difference! I will definitely

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