Dr. Michael Skaliy
Greensboro, GA

Dr. Michael Skaliy has been part of the Lake Oconee community for twenty years. He is double board certified in Pain Management and Anesthesia. He has been practicing interventional pain management in Atlanta for over 25 years and has been performing injections into all areas of the body. He is now excited to add Stem Cell Therapy and PRP injection to go beyond the temporary pain relief of traditional medication and move into the field of regenerative medicine. He is bringing his regenerative medicine practice (STEMGEN) to the Lake Oconee area. This therapy allows for long term improvement and regeneration of degenerative joints and other body structures.

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About Dr. Michael Skaliy
  • Gender Male
  • Hospital Affiliations The Cowles Clinic
  • Certifications American Board of Anesthesiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Pain Management
  • Stem Cell Therapy

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  • Great Doctor and Office
    the staff and office were nice and experienced. The doctor listened to me and explained what was causing my back pain. Two treatments later I was pain free.

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