A Quick Guide to Degenerative Disc Disease

Does lower back pain stop you from living a life you really love? You deserve to live an active and rewarding life, but degenerative disc disease makes that virtually impossible. By learning more about this lower back disease and its potential treatments, you can get the help you need to embrace life once again.

What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Most people who hear the term “degenerative disc disease” assume the condition is a progressive and threatening disease that eats away at the spine, but that’s not at all true. It’s actually not truly a disease, nor is it entirely degenerative.

The discs of the spine, which are soft and act as shock absorbers, change naturally with age. Plenty of people endure these changes without feeling much pain, but others suffer chronic pain. This age-related degeneration might place extra pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, which leads to more pain.

Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease

Patients with degenerative disc disease report the same symptoms. First, the amount of chronic pain varies from “barely there” to “crippling” throughout the day or week. Second, severe episodes of pain can flare up and last days or even months before fading. Third, activities involving bending, lifting, and twisting will make the pain worse, and fourth, certain seated positions are too painful and uncomfortable to maintain.

Treatment Options for DDD

Until recently, degenerative disc disease could only be treated through lifestyle changes, pain medications, and surgery. However, surgery is extremely risky, pain control can lead to addiction, and lifestyle changes don’t resolve the core cause of DDD.

Thankfully, regenerative medicine now makes it possible to treat lower back pain without any surgery. Regenerative Orthopedic Institute offers RegenaSpine, a combination of stem cells, platelets, and growth factors to treat the discs, joints, and surrounding tendons and ligaments that become damaged with DDD.

This entirely natural treatment actually promotes your body’s own regeneration and healing process for minimal recovery with maximum results. Call (813) 461-5116 to schedule your first appointment at Regenerative Orthopedic Institute in Tampa, Florida. It could change your life!

Mira Swave, MD

Contributor at Regenerative Medicine Now

Mira Swave, M.D. is a specialist in the field of Regenerative Medicine.
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