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Cell Therapy Microbiology Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Cell Therapy Microbiology Consulting, LLC’s mission is to serve the medical needs of the community by assisting manufacturers in the cellular, tissue, and regenerative medicine industries in providing, as much as possible, high quality, safe, and contamination free products for their patients.


  • Billing Services / software / consulting
InfiniteBio is a specialized consultancy providing life science companies with expert market research, product commercialization, strategic business planning, portfolio management, business development and marketing communication services.

Halo BioConsulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Halo BioConsulting is a pharmaceutical consulting firm providing a broad portfolio of business development and strategy consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, investors in the life sciences sector and professional services firms.

Biologistics Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Biologistics Consulting is an independent consulting firm specialized in consulting for the biopharma, healthcare and medical devices industries. They offer a dedicated approach and tackle strategic and operational challenges in supply chain and/or business development. Their clients range from multinational firms and top leaders to small innovative companies. Some of the top 12 Life Sciences companies have worked with Biologistics consulting.

Axys Network

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Axys Network has established a large network of world-class experts in the field of sterile and injectable drug products. All the consultants are hands-on experts in their area of competencies and have extensive experience. They intervene directly on sites, using their know-how to implement the expertise of our network. To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our interventions, they offer consulting services that have already been implemented on production sites and have demonstrated their relevance in a pharmaceutical plant

MAP BioPharma

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
MAP offer an up to date, validated, web based subscription service, which acts as a ‘virtual’ expert to help you achieve pricing and reimbursement across the EU. If what you need is not already there, we will complete the additional work, usually at no extra charge. To supplement this, they offer product specific, one to one expert strategic advice on a consulting basis throughout the product lifecycle.

PA Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
PA Consulting Group’s broad and deep commercial experience of the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors enables clients to maximise value from their products and services. They help them increase and prolong revenues, and quicken their time to profit by aggressively managing related costs.

Molekule Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Molekule’s broad industry expertise and diverse client base is evidenced through repeat client engagement, successful intelligence development and delivery and measurable ROIs on key biopharmaceutical business objectives.

BioPharma Alliance

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
BioPharma Alliance provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with consulting solutions to improve the performance of their businesses. They believe they can do this best by focusing on areas where we have a deep base of experience. So they specialize in serving pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and in this universe, they focus on a short list of business applications that they understand well.

Kineticos Life Sciences Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Kineticos is a specialized management consulting firm serving the life science industry. The firm is focused on identifying opportunities to drive strategic growth and achieve operational excellence for its clients globally.

 Through its three practice areas—Biopharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical Services, and Precision Medicine & Diagnostics—the firm has experience working with companies across the life science industry ecosystem.

Pharmica Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Pharmica Consulting has been focused on helping the BioPharma industry maximize the contribution to their companies’ bottom lines. They combine extensive R&D and marketing experience with business management expertise to help make sound business decisions.

RC Wild BioPharma Consulting

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
RC Wild BioPharma Consulting is a boutique biotech & pharmaceutical consulting firm. They provide high quality strategy consulting services to clients in pharma, biotech, venture capital and other investment firms with a specific focus on oncology drug discovery and development.

Merit Solutions

  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Merit Solutions has been working with Life Sciences companies for more than a decade, helping them manage risk, ensure operating performance, maintain compliance, and pursue global growth opportunities. Through our industry-tested combination of front end process consultants, back end technology practitioners, and industry Subject Matter Experts, they have the expertise to enable your successful Life Sciences business transformation.


  • Billing Services / software / consulting
CMCRegAff, LLC is a Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) regulatory sciences consulting company with exceptional and unique expertise in CMC regulations and requirements for regulatory approval to pharma and biopharma.


  • Billing Services / software / consulting
Xcenda, a strategic consultancy with 20+ years of experience applying real-world expertise in health economics and outcomes research, reimbursement, stakeholder insights, and market access consulting and communications. Biopharmaceutical companies and pre-commercialization phase firms have turned to Xcenda for help in demonstrating the value of their products.

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