The Vampire Facial: A Bloody Path to Beauty

kim kardashian vampire face lift

Celebrities have millions of dollars riding on their looks, and it’s no wonder that they are the first to try (and get hooked on) some pretty bizarre beauty treatments. One regimen that has taken Hollywood by storm has been dubbed the Vampire Facial or the Vampire Facelift. It was based on the gory photos of Kim Kardashian with a face that had been stabbed with needles filled with her own blood after she underwent the treatment on her reality TV show. With Kardashian’s cult following, it was not long before a slew of celebrities followed suit.

During the treatment, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is utilized to rejuvenate skin and replenish collagen by harnessing the power of platelets (the tiny cells in the blood responsible for clotting). A turbo-charged fluid, rich in growth factors, is derived from the person’s own blood and treated in the laboratory to isolate the platelets. It is re-injected into the problem areas of the skin.

The ravages of age on our skin are compounded by sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, and cigarette smoking. PRP therapy addresses the aging face and its telltale signs such as dehydrated skin, fine lines, scars, sagging, volume loss, hyperpigmentation and an overall lack of healthy, youthful skin tone and texture.

Growth factors released from the platelet-rich plasma boost the skin’s natural healing process, which slows down as we grow older. Following PRP injection, cell repair is accelerated and collagen production increases over the next few weeks. This leads to tighter, younger, and rejuvenated skin. A series of three injections spaced one month apart produces a gradual but noticeable improvement in skin quality with a fresher, more youthful appearance. Results become noticeable after 2-3 months and can last 12-18 months. Top-off treatments are usually recommended once or twice a year.

The relatively quick 30-minute treatment has better efficacy and is longer lasting than collagen and hyaluronic acid (Botox) injections. For PRP skin rejuvenation, a vial of the person’s blood is placed in a centrifuge machine to prepare plasma (the straw-colored liquid part of blood) with five times the concentration of platelets. Platelets are a storehouse of tissue-healing growth factors, and when injected into the skin with tiny needles, they jumpstart the skin repair and renewal process.

PRP therapy for skin restoration is particularly effective in rejuvenating the under-eye area, which tends to sag and develop fine lines and eye bags. Neck wrinkles and acne scarring are also helped by the treatment, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, fibers responsible for giving our skin its elasticity and smoothness.

The procedure has quickly gained a celebrity following because of its minimal downtime and no risk of infection, allergy, or rejection by the body’s immune system. The Vampire Facial is especially favored because it does not involve toxins, chemicals, or aggressive surgery, and the results are far more natural than the wooden, frozen, or over-plumped look associated with other popular skin treatments.

By using biology to boost collagen production and rejuvenate ageing skin, PRP therapy is a promising method of facial restoration. The treatment, suitable for all skin types, can be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, and laser therapy for even better and longer lasting results.


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