Is Inner Ear Regeneration Possible?

Advanced Rejuvenation has been working on putting together the most cutting-edge therapies for the treatment of inner ear conditions. Currently we are focused on the combination of physical adjustments to the bones of the skull, which also releases certain connective tissues surrounding the ear, and laser therapy applied to the ear. To understand how these [Read More]

The Revolutionary New Treatment for Microtia

Microtia is a congenital deformity that most people don’t know about, but it impacts thousands of children every year who are born with the condition. Though the idea for genetically engineered ears has existed for many years, a combination of political and bureaucratic obstacles have prevented them from being available in the United States for [Read More]

Scientists on the Brink of Curing Hereditary Deafness

Hereditary deafness is passed on from parent to child. People born with this condition have a complete inability to hear on account of faulty cells in the inner ear. Currently, the only treatment for hereditary deafness is an artificial cochlear implant. Now, scientists have succeeded in growing healthy, functional human cochlear cells from stem cells, [Read More]

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