How to Identify Tech Neck

Tech neck is a modern form of neck pain. It’s used to describe neck pain caused by repeatedly straining the tissues in the cervical spine to look at a computer, phone, or tablet screen. By identifying the signs of tech neck, you can adjust your habits and implement at-home remedies to alleviate your pain.  Understanding [Read More]

Main Causes of Neck Pain

As the most flexible part of the spine, the neck is susceptible to pain and injury. While many people experience occasional neck pain from sleeping in an odd position or looking at a computer screen for too long, persistent neck pain can compromise your quality of life.  The main causes of neck pain include: Poor [Read More]

How to Treat Your Neck Pain For Long-Term Relief

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Your neck connects your head and your torso, which means it plays a critical role in the overall function of the upper body and health of your spin. A neck injury can completely disrupt your daily life and obstruct even simple daily tasks. So, how can you seek long-term relief from neck pain without relying [Read More]

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