How Stem Cells Are Used for Anti-Aging

Used for Anti-Aging

Stem cells have shown promise as a treatment for conditions varying from spinal cord injuries to cancers to chronic pain. It is no wonder researchers quickly recognized stem cells’ potential benefits for skincare, specifically to reverse the signs of aging. Stem cells can slow down and, in some cases, reverse the intrinsic causes of aging skin.

How does our skin age?

Over time, the cells that make up our skin slow down and cannot reproduce and replace themselves as efficiently as they once did. Old skin cells may also start creating abnormal cells. We see this decrease in cell reproduction and an increase in abnormal cells as wrinkles, sagging skin, dryness, and other signs of aging. Stem cells are used in various injections and topical products to combat these signs, especially for the face and neck. 

How are anti-aging stem cell treatments administered?

The most effective way to use stem cells to decrease the signs of aging is to harvest the patient’s own stem cells, usually from body fat or bone marrow. The stem cells that were harvested are then returned to the patient via IV to the bloodstream and injections directly into the targeted treatment area. Stem cells from a donor may be used as well, but the donor must be carefully matched to the patient’s cell markers or the patient’s immune system may reject the donated cells, causing systemic damage.

What happens after the treatment?

Once the patient is given the IV and/or injection, the stem cells will differentiate into the type of cells needed to repair the skin, such as squamous cells, fibroblasts, or collagen. Stem cells will also secrete substances that prevent inflammation and cell death. These new stem cells replace old, damaged, and abnormal cells, while the regenerative secretions strengthen surrounding tissues and structures. By treating the signs of aging from the inside out, these intravenous and intradermal stem cell treatments are achieving results that were never thought possible!

What about topical stem cell treatments?

Stem cells are also incorporated into many topical creams, serums, ointments, and lotions for a less invasive treatment approach. Research on these topical stem cell treatments is inconclusive as well. When trying out a topical stem cell treatment for aging, it is important to research the product thoroughly, including the manufacturer. Only use products by reputable manufacturers that adhere to the strictest of safety standards. Products tested for purity and effectiveness by a third party are best.

If you’ve tried other anti-aging treatments without great results, or if you just want to get ahead of the signs of aging before they start, anti-aging stem cell treatments are a great tool to boost cell turnover and strengthen your epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous skin layers. To find a practitioner near you that offers stem cell treatments for aging, use our convenient search tool at If you are a practitioner that provides stem cell treatments, claim your profile on our site to be added to our database of regenerative medicine professionals.

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