The Incredible Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

You’ve probably heard a lot about stem cell therapy over the past decade. As an emerging regenerative medicine treatment, it has received plenty of praise, but also a lot of criticism. However, after years of clinical and anecdotal evidence to its credit, and now even academic research backing it up, it’s time to recognize stem cell therapy as the life-changing treatment that it is.

Just a few of the incredible benefits of receiving stem cell therapy for your health condition are:

Pain Relief

Many people seek out stem cell therapy for relief from painful conditions such as arthritis. These conditions affect people’s daily lives and make even simple tasks difficult. Stem cell therapy fights pain with a two-pronged approach — first, by releasing anti-inflammatory factors in the affected area, then by rebuilding the damaged tissues that are the source of the pain.

Stem cell therapy recipients report fast and long-lasting results after treatment. Some even report pain relief for more than one year! It’s no wonder so many doctors are starting to offer stem cell therapy as part of their patient’s treatment plans.

New Tissue Growth

As we mentioned before, stem cells can differentiate into whatever type of cell is needed to rebuild damaged tissues. They also stimulate the body to begin producing its own cells to repair the damage, which is beneficial for more than just relieving pain.

Nerve damage has always been thought to be permanent, but stem cell therapy results have shown that these damaged nerve cells can be replaced. This could have revolutionary results for sufferers of neurological conditions or paralysis. In fact, in a recent study involving mice, researchers were able to cure paralysis by injecting stem cells into their spines. Amazing!

Safer Than Surgery

Everyone knows that no matter how minor or routine, surgery is risky. There is no way to know how a patient will do under anesthesia, if complications will arise, or if they can handle recovery with painful incisions to heal. Stem cell therapy offers a less invasive, much safer alternative to surgical intervention.

Since the cells used in most stem cell therapy are derived from the patient’s own tissues, there’s no risk of the patient having an immune response and rejecting the cells like they can when accepting a tissue from a donor.

Stem cell therapy usually just involves an injection to remove fat tissue, then another to introduce the stem cell solution to the affected area. This carries a much lower risk of infection than surgical incisions.

Quick Recovery

Finally, recipients of stem cell therapy need little to no downtime to recover from the procedure. This is a stark contrast to surgery, which often requires weeks of bed rest and then months of physical therapy to recover.

Find a Stem Cell Therapy Practitioner Near You

If you are living with a painful condition and traditional treatments have not provided relief, consider stem cell therapy as a possible alternative. By using the convenient search tool on our website, you can find a stem cell therapy practitioner that specializes in your condition near you. By incorporating regenerative medicine practices into your overall treatment plan, you can improve your health and regain control over your life.

If you are a stem cell therapy practitioner, please claim your free profile on our site to connect with patients in your area that need your help today!

Mira Swave, MD

Contributor at Regenerative Medicine Now

Mira Swave, M.D. is a specialist in the field of Regenerative Medicine.
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  1. I like that you mentioned how stem cell therapy offers a less invasive, much safer alternative to surgical intervention. I was watching an educational show last night and it discussed the topic of stem cell therapy. From what I’ve learned, it seems you could even get emphysema stem cell treatment now too.

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