MS Patients Flock to Russia for Stem Cell Therapy

People from all around the world are flocking to Moscow, Russia, for innovative stem cell therapies for MS. Multiple sclerosis is a crippling disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. MS is an autoimmune disease that is unpredictable and affects different people in different ways. Clinical management and pharmacotherapy can help relieve symptoms and [Read More]

Canadian Doctors Succeed in Reversing MS

In what is being hailed as a remarkable success, doctors at Ottawa Hospital have used stem cell treatment and succeeded in reversing the effects of the disease in patients with severe MS (multiple sclerosis). MS is a crippling disease more common in females and more prevalent in temperate climates such as Canada and the United [Read More]

Immune System Reboot Using Autologous Stem Cells Proves Effective in the Treatment of Aggressive Multiple Sclerosis

MS stem cell treatment

Recent results from a phase 2 clinical trial using stem cell transplantation have offered new hope for the treatment of aggressive multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis (MS), while not a deadly disease, is known as severely debilitating, slowly deteriorating a patient’s entire nervous system. An aggressive form of MS rapidly results in failure of the nerves [Read More]

Cell-Based Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis May Eliminate Need for Other Treatments

Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment PRP

About 2.5 million people around the world and 400,000 Americans are affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), a disabling disease of the nervous system in which the body’s immune system attacks the protective myelin sheath that covers nerves. This leads to gaps in communication between the brain and various parts of the body. In advanced cases, [Read More]

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