Dr. Brandt is the founder and medical director of thriveMD, Colorado’s premier regenerative medicine clinic. He has extensive experience using a patient’s own stem cells to treat injuries and general wear and tear of knees, hips, and other joints. He also treats soft tissue injuries, such as achilles and ACL, and has unparalleled experience in utilizing stem cells to treat severe back pain. His patients have been able to avoid surgery such as knee replacement or spinal fusion, and to return to activities they love. Dr. Brandt is active in the regenerative medicine community, is a current speaker for Boston Biolife and regularly publishes on thriveMD’s blog.

Avid Skier Uses Stem Cells to Treat Knee Arthritis, Ends Decades of Ongoing Knee Pain

The Patient Profile of a Very Active Athlete John was a 60-year-old healthy avid skier when he came to see me for a consultation to consider stem cell therapy to treat his painful right knee. The patient’s original injury took place while playing high school football at which time he tore his ACL. He recovered [Read More]

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