Common Foods that Lead to Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become weak, brittle, and susceptible to fracture. Osteoporosis is thought to be caused, in part, by poor calcium intake and/or absorption throughout life. Some of the risk factors for being diagnosed with osteoporosis are genetic and therefore unchangeable, while other risk factors are lifestyle-based and therefore within the [Read More]

Foods That May Contribute to Osteoporosis

If you’re at risk or have already been diagnosed, with osteoporosis, you probably want to do everything you can to strengthen your bones and prevent a fracture. You may be surprised to know that simple diet changes can greatly benefit your bones! In this post, we briefly discuss the foods that you should avoid if [Read More]

Stem Cell Research Sheds Light on Age-Related Osteoporosis

Researchers at China’s Zhejiang University and the University of Alabama in Birmingham have mapped cell mechanisms and shed light on the development of age-related osteoporosis. Age-Related Osteoporosis: An Overview Osteoporosis is known as the brittle bone disease. The condition is associated with weak bones that are at an increased risk of fractures. In healthy people, [Read More]

Reversing Osteoporosis One Stem Cell at a Time

osteoporosis stem cells

Osteoporosis is asymptomatic until it presents itself with a fracture. The condition affects an estimated 200 million people worldwide and causes close to 9 million fractures every year. Hip fractures resulting from senile osteoporosis nearly always require hospitalization and are fatal in 20 percent of patients, leaving another 50 percent permanently disabled. Only a third [Read More]

Is The Cure For Osteoporosis Coming Soon?

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Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Transplantation Prevents Functional Bone Loss in a Mouse Model of Age-Related Osteoporosis Osteoporosis presents significant morbidity and healthcare burdens. It affects over 200 million people worldwide. Osteoporosis can be a life threatening condition in the elderly. Age-related osteoporosis is a bone formation dysfunction which results from defective proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal [Read More]

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