How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help with Joint Pain

Stem cell therapy is still in its infancy of being used as a medical treatment, and it has already been shown to improve, and even cure a multitude of conditions. Research and clinical evidence so far have shown a major reduction in pain when treated with stem cells. While more research is needed to fully understand the pathways and mechanisms involved in stem cell therapy for joint pain, what we know so far is promising. With proper experimentation and analysis, joint pain is an ailment we could completely eliminate in the future.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that have not yet formed into the type of cell they will ultimately be. Stem cells can differentiate into various types of cells, including bone, skin, muscle, tendon, and more. Stem cells are harvested from numerous sources, including cord blood, adipose tissue, and bone marrow.

How are stem cells used to treat joint pain?

To treat joint pain, stem cells are usually harvested from the patient themselves. However, donor stem cells can be used as well. The cells are taken from whichever part of the body has the type of stem cells best suited for the treatment. Once they are harvested, the stem cells are processed into a liquid and delivered directly into the painful joint via injection.

Once injected, the stem cells differentiate into the types of cells needed to repair the cause of the pain in the joint. For a simple example, if knee pain is caused by a lack of cartilage, stem cells injected into the knee will become cartilage cells to replenish that which is missing.

Is stem cell therapy for joint pain a safe procedure?

Stem cell therapy is a safe treatment and the side effects are minimal. Patients may experience burning, redness, or tingling at the site where the stem cells were harvested, and also at the site of the treatment injection. You should always monitor these sites for infection in the weeks following treatment.

How can I receive stem cell therapy for my joint pain?

If you are interested in stem cell therapy to treat joint pain, use our free search feature at to find a practitioner or clinic near you. For more information on the benefits of stem cell therapy, visit our blog.

Mira Swave, MD

Contributor at Regenerative Medicine Now

Mira Swave, M.D. is a specialist in the field of Regenerative Medicine.
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