Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Keeping your joints healthy can help you ward off pain, now and in your later years. But, how exactly can you maintain healthy joints while living a busy, fulfilling life? Here are our top tips.  Stay Active.  Regular exercise is essential to the health of your joints. It keeps the muscles that support your joints [Read More]

How Exercise Helps with Joint Pain

We all know that exercise is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. But, did you know that it can also help with joint pain? Exercise is essential for people suffering from joint pain, including arthritis pain. Here’s why: Improved Muscle Strength Your body’s joints rely on the surrounding muscles for support and protection. [Read More]

Six Reasons Why Your Shoulder Hurts

Shoulder pain is a common issue, especially among athletes and older individuals. Oftentimes, shoulder pain occurs after a sudden injury. However, it can also develop without an obvious cause.  There are several possible reasons for shoulder pain without an injury. Six of the most common include: Bone Spurs Bone spurs are bony over growths that [Read More]

Specific Health Conditions that Can Be Treated with Regenerative Medicine

It could be argued that regenerative medicine may hold the keys to treating almost any medical condition. But the truth of the matter is that research is ongoing, and regenerative medicine cannot claim to heal most conditions. There could be hope of effectiveness, and some people do benefit; but these treatments are not widespread as [Read More]

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