Adventures in Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell therapy adventure

Stem cell treatments are being used across the country and the globe, recognized as helping many different health problems. Also, research shows that these treatments enjoy not only a great safety profile, but the possibility of helping conditions that cannot be improved by currently available standard medical medications or other treatments. The most well known [Read More]

Ed Sheeran Helps Find Stem Cell Donor

An 8-year-old patient with cancer has found a stem cell donor thanks to efforts by pop star Ed Sheeran.  The high-profile appeal was also backed by a number of other celebrities. Eight-year-old Jasmi Lindberg-Cooke was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia three years ago. The Suffolk resident urgently needed a matched unrelated stem cell donor who [Read More]

Stem Cell Donor for British Toddler

When Ava Stark was age 3, her family received devastating news. The toddler was born with a rare blood disorder and would die without a stem cell transplant. The family from Lochgelly in Fife, Scotland, sent out a countrywide appeal for donors after a donor who had previously been found had to back out due [Read More]

Hunt for Stem Cell Donor for British Musician

When Stephen Sykes, 26, from Shepton Mallet in Somerset, United Kingdom, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an aggressive type of cancer that did not respond to chemotherapy, a desperate hunt for stem cell donors began. Doctors were unable to find a match even after a worldwide search. Brass bands across the United Kingdom got tested [Read More]

Stem Cells Key to Strong Muscles in Old Age

Researchers at the University of Rochester have discovered that stem cells are the key to strong muscles in old age. They found that muscle stem cells in animal models drive muscle loss in old age, contrary to the currently prevailing idea that muscular decline with advancing age is on account of motor neuron loss. The [Read More]

MS Patients Flock to Russia for Stem Cell Therapy

People from all around the world are flocking to Moscow, Russia, for innovative stem cell therapies for MS. Multiple sclerosis is a crippling disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. MS is an autoimmune disease that is unpredictable and affects different people in different ways. Clinical management and pharmacotherapy can help relieve symptoms and [Read More]

Healing Burns without Scars

Stem Cell Treatment May Hold the Key In an exciting development in the field of stem cell research, scientists have developed an innovative device that uses the patient’s own stem cells to treat burns and heal the skin without scarring. This is the first time stem cells have been used to directly heal and mend [Read More]

Why Stem Cells? The Research Speaks For Itself

There is no denying that stem cells have revolutionized the medical industry in numerous ways. Every day, headlines such as “Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Shows Promise” and “Ground-Breaking Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Has Man Running  Again” grace the news. Amazingly enough, these headlines aren’t just hype. Since stem cells have the unique ability to [Read More]

Techniques That Support Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy offers an incredible and unprecedented medical opportunity for people suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain to finally attain the relief that they have been seeking. Unlike medications and physical therapy, stem cell therapy actually targets and repairs the body’s damaged tissues in order to minimize and eliminate pain altogether. However, it’s counterproductive to [Read More]

Hope for Interstitial Cystitis – Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Interstitial Cystitis

Stem cells have had success in treating many conditions. In our clinic we have had great success using stem cells harvested from fat in the treatment of Interstitial cystitis or the painful bladder syndrome. Millions of patients suffer from the debilitating condition known as interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome. Interstitial cystitis is a condition [Read More]

Avid Skier Uses Stem Cells to Treat Knee Arthritis, Ends Decades of Ongoing Knee Pain

The Patient Profile of a Very Active Athlete John was a 60-year-old healthy avid skier when he came to see me for a consultation to consider stem cell therapy to treat his painful right knee. The patient’s original injury took place while playing high school football at which time he tore his ACL. He recovered [Read More]

Major Stem Cell Breakthrough: Pluripotent Stem Cells Grow Intestinal Tissue

The realm of regenerative medicine has yet another success to boast to the rest of the world. Scientists just succeeded in using stem cells to grow intestinal tissues with authentically functional nerves. The laboratory experiment utilizes pluripotent stem cells in order to study Hirschsprung’s disease, and now the results can be applied to other vital [Read More]

Devastated Family Seeks Stem Cell Donor

When three-year-old Ava Stark was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder earlier this year, her family was told that she would not survive without a stem cell transplant. Thus began a search for a potential donor who could give the gift of life to the toddler from Lochgelly in Fife, Scotland. Now, after two failed [Read More]

Desperate Parents of Children with Autism Seek Alternative Treatments

Autism, and more broadly speaking autism spectrum disorder, is associated with a varying degree of poor brain development in which the affected child has difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors. Parents of children with severe autism are painted a bleak picture for their child’s future. Meltdowns, compulsive behaviors, and a [Read More]

Scandal Rocks Nobel Panel

Sweden’s Nobel Prize panel, which hands out the prize for medicine among others, has been rocked by a scandal involving an Italian surgeon who specializes in stem cell therapy. Dr. Paolo Macchiarini is accused of falsifying his CV and falsely claiming he is Pope Francis’ personal physician. Two judges on the panel, Harriet Wallberg and [Read More]

Is the FDA Doing Its Job in Regulating Cell-Based Therapies?

Stem cell tourism has been in the news lately with horrifying stories of treatments gone wrong. But according to a report published in Cell Stem Cell, Americans don’t need to travel thousands of miles for experimental treatments. There are more than 500 clinics offering completely illegal, often ineffective, and potentially fatal stem cell treatments in [Read More]

Stem Cell Therapy Gaining Appeal With Top Athletes

top athletes stem cell therapy PRP

Top athletes and sportspersons are under tremendous pressure to get back into play. They have millions of dollars riding on their backs. Their teams depend on them. A single serious injury can end a promising career. Until now, surgery has been the mainstay of treatment for sports-related injuries. Athletes are left with wires, plates, screws, [Read More]

First of Its Kind Animal Stem Cell Therapy Procedure in Pennsylvania

dog stem cell therapy

On May 5, 2016, Cranberry Holistic Pet Care in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania made headlines when they completed an unprecedented stem cell procedure on a canine patient. This particular dog suffered from osteoarthritis and was constantly in pain, but the treatment itself indicates the wider potential of stem cell treatments to improve the quality of life [Read More]

New Treatment for Refractory Angina

angina stem cell treatment

Angina—a squeezing, pressure-like chest pain—can feel similar to a heart attack and is a warning sign that the arteries carrying oxygen-rich blood to the heart are blocked. Although angina is typically short-lived, it is an indicator of underlying, potentially life-threatening heart disease. Refractory angina (RA) is resistant to traditional therapies such as drugs, angioplasty, and [Read More]

Giving Spinal Cord Injury Victims A Real Hope

spinal cord injury stem cells PRP

Damage to the spinal cord frequently results in a permanent loss of body functions that are controlled by nerves below the site of injury. Trauma to the spine from fractures, crush injuries, gunshot wounds, and knife stabbings are some of the possible causes of spinal cord injuries (SCIs). Non-traumatic causes include arthritis, inflammation, infection, tumors, [Read More]

Brand New Knees: An Alternative to Joint Replacement Surgery

knee surgery stem cell therapy

If you are over age 50, have severe osteoarthritis of the knees, and conservative treatments have failed you, the only treatment available for your stiff and painful joints has long been a knee replacement surgery. This entails an approximately 8-12 inch cut in front of the knee, removal of the damaged joint parts, and replacement [Read More]

Reversing Osteoporosis One Stem Cell at a Time

osteoporosis stem cells

Osteoporosis is asymptomatic until it presents itself with a fracture. The condition affects an estimated 200 million people worldwide and causes close to 9 million fractures every year. Hip fractures resulting from senile osteoporosis nearly always require hospitalization and are fatal in 20 percent of patients, leaving another 50 percent permanently disabled. Only a third [Read More]

There’s Hope for Severe Myasthenia Gravis

Hope for Severe Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular condition in which patients must endure fluctuating degrees of debilitating fatigue and weakness, is a chronic autoimmune disease affecting about 20 people in every 100,000 in the United States. A retrospective observational study led by Dr. Harold Atkins at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, published in JAMA Neurology, has [Read More]

Athletes Turning To Regenerative Medicine Instead of Surgery

What is regenerative therapy? It is a relatively new type of treatment which enables or enhances body’s own mechanisms for regeneration of a particular tissue or organ, in order to restore normal anatomy and function of that part of the body. The most significant types of regeneration therapy used for treating injuries are stem cells [Read More]

How Stem Cells Limit The Negative Effects of Brain Cancer Radiation

Stem cell therapy has already shown tremendous promise in healing areas of the brain damaged by radiation injury from cancer treatment. Scientists at the University of California Irvine have now made a promising discovery that an isolated part of stem cells called microvesicles can produce comparable benefits, without some of the risks associated with stem [Read More]

Regrowing Your Own Body Parts: Is It Possible?

salamandar regeneration

Australian scientists have recently shared some exciting news in the field of stem cell therapy. For the first time, researchers have been able to reprogram adult stem cells to regenerate any type of body tissue. The technique, inspired by a salamander’s ability to regrow a lost limb, makes adult stem cells lose their tissue-specific characteristics [Read More]

Can Regenerative Therapy Help Crossfit Athletes?

crossfit health

All professional athletes have an intense routine to achieve top results. That inevitably leads to damage of their whole body, but the locomotor system takes most of the pounding. Although it makes sense that contact sports are the most common cause of injuries of the locomotor system, the fact is that although injuries in contact [Read More]

REGROW Act: An Eye on the Future

Mark Kirk Senator

The emerging medical field of regenerative medicine poses exciting possibilities. Adult stem cells can potentially restore sight to the blind, help people overcome crippling conditions, and permit someone who is wheelchair-bound to walk again. These groundbreaking therapies are based on the fundamentals of molecular biology and have the potential to cure any disease resulting from [Read More]

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